We are the life of

the party!

No, really…we are.  

Imagine if you could transfer your adrenaline, enthusiasm and excitement for Fortnite (the online video game) from the screen into an outdoor facility.  

Now you can, thanks to Blazing Lazing Mobile Tag. That’s right, grab your group of friends and family, and let the fun begin!

We begin take reservations for parties starting March 1st, 2020.

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Our Founder WR Campbell.

Hello, my name is William Campbell, owner and founder of Blazing Mobile Tag. After serving ten years in the Army and five years in government, I decided to journey into the world of entrepreneurship and open a family fun business of outdoor laser tag. Our motto is “We provide the adventure, you provide the people.”

Outdoor laser tag, which is similar to paintball, does not involve person- to- person contact, and the best part is, it doesn’t hurt, and there is no mess to be cleaned up. We use laser taggers that emits a signal that is similar to the remote on your television. This signal is read by sensors that are placed on the body and on the tagger.

By now, you are probably thinking about indoor laser tag. Well that is what we are, but we do both indoor and outdoor laser tag.  The mobility and flexibility means we can operate at just about any event. So whatever the event, whatever the age, Blazing Lazing is the company to call.

Give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to create an unforgettable event.


P.O Box 6552 

Fallon, NV 89407